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Meet our New Partner!

EndonyoesoiyeSKYGEN International Foundation is excited to be partnering with the Foundation for Preventative Health (FPH)! FPH is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tanzania, and their mission is to provide education and essential tools such as eyeglasses to improve everyday life by raising community awareness in preventative health while supporting those who already have health concerns.

The Foundation and FPH are working together to provide vision testing and prescription glasses, as needed, in the Arusha region, visiting schools on a daily basis and testing every single student and their teachers. Generally, about 5% of those tested in the schools require corrective glasses. The percentage goes up as the ages of those tested go up.

The partnership with FPH ensures SGIF remains in compliance with Tanzanian rules and regulations. FPH recently earned the formal support from the President’s Office Regional Administration, which has asked local government to work with FPH (and thus SKYGEN International Foundation) in the efforts to test individuals and promote preventative health education.

We can't wait to see the great things this partnership will accomplish!

Meet the Team!

The FPH team consists of two licensed optometrists, three other team members assisting with acuity and refraction testing and building glasses, and the local team leader.

Pius Mkama Optometrist
Sigfrid Mtafani Optometrist
Elikana Tumaini
Warda Almasi
Centruda Mkinga

New Offices

We have also moved to new offices which provide more space to work and provide follow up care when needed.

New office in Tanzania
New office in Tanzania - picture 2
New office in Tanzania interior


can buy a pair of glasses


can provide vision tests and glasses for a small school made up of 222 students


can help roughly 332 adults at a local hospital


can help 11 schools - that's over 4,000 students with a brighter future!

You Can Make a Difference

Your donation helps provide vision screenings and prescription eyeglasses for underserved parts of Tanzania and funds training of local teams needed to sustain these efforts.

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